Our Inspirations……………

MAM High school is one of the greatest blessings; god has given to the people of koratty and its nearby places. For the past 67 years, the school is known for its selfless social commitment towards the people of koratty.In the past couple of years our school has been in the process transformation .it was being mould the in the hands of master build God, Finally with collective effort of the staff ,students,parents,well wishers, management of course the beloved people of koratty, a long cherished dream of higher secondary school materialized before our eyes

I am proud to say that every stage of MAM higher secondary schools creation has been without compromising any ethical or moral standards of today’s corrupted scoiciety,our school is loaded for welcoming people from every social stratum regardless of caste,creed,religion etc.We aim at value based generation without with compromising of the teaching learning standars,academic excellence as well as character formation are our major principles which will be attained through the relentless efforts of our motivated and dedicate teachers.

I am confident that our school will always be a guiding star leading the destiny of its students. Let it radiate all good values while it soars high to become a center for excellenceOn this occasion, I would like to extent my heart felt gratitude to our blessed mother, Korattymuthy and to all those who supported me through this difficult journey .I hope that the launching of this website will strengthen the bond between us and the community

I would like to end with the words of Aristotle “educating the mind with out educating the heart is no education at all.